MLM “Multi-Level Marketing” & Honesty

The best Multi-Level and Network Marketing Salespeople have several things in common:

1. They have adapted to the changes in the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business.

2. They consistently look for new (and stable) MLM Products, MLM Companies, MLM Opportunities and MLM Leads.

3. They are disciplined and work hard to improve their Networking and Sales skills.

4. They place honesty and integrity at the forefront of all transactions – Yes, that’s right I used honesty and integrity in the same breath as MLM and Network Marketing.

If you plan, and act, accordingly, you have the opportunity to gain everything that MLM and Network Marketing promises – Money, Freedom, Work-Life Balance and Financial Independence.

This segment of the “Sales Industry” has a particularly poor reputation – your commitment to integrity and honesty is not just the right thing to do, it will help you stand out from the crowd and result in a greater Network of associates and customers.

Sometimes it appears that every second person you meet is associated with some form of Multi-Level Marketing Company, or trying to succeed in Network Marketing. Fortunately, for you, most of them simply do not recognize the need to hone their skills.

Success in this industry comes the same way as any other. Hard work, focus, discipline and most frequently ignored – training.

Even though MLM is viewed as an alternative to Direct Sales and other more “traditional” forms of acquiring customers it is all too easy to forget that Direct Sales had a very dubious beginning.

It is not that long ago “Direct Sales” consisted of someone going “door-to-door” with a beaten-up looking suitcase containing product samples. We have all seen the caricatures of the 1950′s pushy “Direct Sales” person wedging his foot in the corner of the door-frame to prevent the house-wife from slamming it in his face.

Multi-Level and Network Marketing face a similar issue with bad PR. Pyramid schemes are never too far away from one’s mind when discussing MLM.

So, what will it take to change this reputation? Simple – YOU.

You have to decide to conduct all activity and transactions with the upmost honesty and integrity. If you are able to do so, the nothing can hold you back.

Please feel free to visit our site where we try to combine cutting-edge advice and best practices with a foundation of integrity and honesty.


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My colleagues and I hold Sales Leadership positions within some of America’s largest and most successful companies and have complained, often, about the lack of good quality sites our sales people could visit for advice and sales tips.

So, we decided to build the type of site that we would like our sales people to use. It has integrity as its corner-stone and relies on real sales people and sales leaders for its content.

Problems With Your Real Estate Business? – Use These Real Estate Marketing Techniques & Prosper

There are tons of real estate marketing techniques that you can implement for your business. You have to do your part to get people directed to you. It doesn’t matter how great the properties are that you have available. It also doesn’t matter how good the price is if you don’t get people to recognize what you are offering.

You see there will always be people looking for a home to move into or sellers looking to buy regardless of market conditions. Therefore you need to do your part to reach out to those people. You have to be able to discover who your target market is.

These days you need to be able to implement both online and offline methods of real estate marketing techniques. This way you will reach the largest volume of possible buyers for the properties listed. Some people in the real estate business make the mistake of only advertising locally. Yet you will be missing out on all of the people out there looking to possibly move their family or their business to a given location.

It is in your best interest to have several real estate marketing techniques in place at once. This way you can get streams of consumers coming to you from the various directions. You do need to test out different methods though to find what works well. You may discover a particular real estate marketing technique isn’t getting you any results. Therefore you can make changes to that one or you can remove it from your overall strategy.

Real Estate Marketing Techniques You Can Use Right Now!

Here are a few things you can do:

-Web 2.0 the use of social media networks and video sharing sites to build a list of eager buyers and sellers to market to.
-Pay per click (PPC) to get your listings sold and your website noticed.
-The use of well targeted direct mail to capture more leads
-Real estate search engine optimization to build a better visibility for your business
-Direct response copy to get buyers and sellers salivating to use you to buy or sell their home.

It can be very competitive in the world of real estate though. Therefore you have to decide if you are going to take action or not. This isn’t the type of business where you want to just sit back and let it come to you. If you are doing your very best from the start to reach consumers you will do well. It won’t be long before those individuals that are happy with what you have done are sending other people your way as well.

This is a very effective type of real estate marketing technique that will come with time. You can encourage your clients to tell others but often you don’t have to. People will do this automatically if they feel they have been treated well and gotten the very best possible service available. My advice to you is to continue using a variety of real estate marketing techniques so you can get recognized. The beauty of using these techniques and others is that you will not only get recognized but you will be also making extra trips to your bank account

Realtors take you business to the next level and attract more listings and buyers like magic. Use highly advance real estate marketing techniques to make a fortune in commissions. Read the following below to turn this market to your advantage.

Article Marketing Strategies to Maximize Website Traffic

When you use article marketing to drive your website traffic, you’re using one technique that takes advantage of two very distinct methods to gain an audience: direct traffic to your site from people reading the article and clicking on your well-formatted link, and search engine traffic from people searching on your chosen keywords and coming to your site through a search engine referral. As you create your network of articles, you’ll find that the direct traffic will have a major impact in the first days. However over time search engine referrals will overtake that traffic and become by far the most important part of your website traffic.

Direct traffic from article submission has a distinct pattern when you examine your traffic logs. You’ll see little spikes in overall website hits about a day to a week after your submission to these sites. There is a simple strategy to get as much direct traffic as possible: submit many, many articles to the highest-traffic directories.

High traffic directories not only have regular visitors looking for fresh data on a variety of subjects; they also place better in Google. Part of Google’s overall ranking strategy includes an importance assigned to each domain., for instance, has a very high rating, and anything appended to that domain –, for instance – will almost certainly show up on the first page of search results. On the other end is the average site: or These sites have very little Google clout, and articles appended to them will have much worse rankings.

You can determine what the Google ranking of any article submission site is by downloading a Google toolbar to your browser. A simple bar chart will display the relative ranking of that site when you go to visit it. The highest-ranked sites will usually also have the most direct traffic, and these are the ones you want to focus on when you submit your first articles.

Over time, you’ll see a difference in your website hit traffic. The overall trend should be upward, and you’ll see little spikes with each new article submission, but they will not be as marked as they once were. This means you’re ready to go to your next article marketing step: submitting to the secondary tier of article directories.

There are literally thousands of article directories out there. Up to now, you should have focused on only the largest and most important. But now you need to diversify, start sending articles out to many different article directories. You don’t have to write completely original articles for each submission, though it will help significantly if you do. Just rewriting the articles as you submit them to each new directory will be enough to get the maximum power out of them.

What happens now: you have a lot of articles spread around the Internet, each pointing back to your site with a well-formatted link using your keyword as anchor text. This will make your site’s position in Google rise dramatically, bringing you an ever-increasing proportion of your website traffic from Google itself. This will cause that traffic chart to flatten out even more.

These two strategies, implemented over time, will enable you to make the most of your article marketing efforts. Remember to drive your website traffic slowly. A slow pace is more effective over time.

Network Marketing Offers Everyone Flexibility and Extra Income

This market is the hottest In terms of flexibility and choice, and it’s an industry with GIGANTIC room for growth! It’s been occurring for the past 50-100 years and people seek additional income during lean economic times. It’s a fun and convenient way to shop and people enjoy it. This is what my customers tell me when they shop on my website. They love to try something different, and they like the personal attention which is hard to find in retail settings. Anyone who is motivated to get started in direct selling has a reason.

Many are seeking to supplement their income either short-term or long term. Direct selling or sometimes called network marketing is a 32 billion dollar industry in the United States and a $110 billion dollar industry worldwide. It’s a booming industry where there is ALWAYS room at the top, and YOU determine how far you want to climb! Where else can you tap into a proven system for success where a company supplies you with high quality high technology, a personal website, brochures, catalogs, DVDs and more to assist sellers with a professional polished image. Not to mention additional training, webtools, and live webinars on your home computer?

How about a low start-up of less than $400? Think about this and realize that in your kitchen or living room, you have low overhead with minimal inventory because you don’t ship any products? Do you like saving gas? This is great! How about flexibility, time, and freedom where you can work at YOUR own pace around your full-time job and create an income stream that fits into your schedule? Your independent! There is no boss to report to! On average part-time direct sellers devote 3-10 hours per week. Those who invest full time work 15-35 hours a week, but either way, you set your schedule.

Earn What Your Worth! Direct selling offers everyone the equal opportunity with no earning restrictions and many of us earn the extra money every month to pay off bills, use for a vacation, home improvements and other needs. In addition, maximize your earnings with residual income! When people tell others about a product, and they are excited as I am to tell people about the opportunity, others want to know about why you decided to join.

Get paid tomorrow for something you did yesterday and let it accumulate! I know many people may not have heard of Serious Skin Care that has been on HSN for 13 years now, and Jennifer Flavin-Stallone began the line. A billion dollar company now, and many requests from users of this line, prompted Jennifer to create a new company for those of us who wanted to represent her products! Joining Jennifer is husband Sylvester Stallone with his wellness and nutrition line that is world class. This company is NOT like any other network/direct marketing company out there! We have the best compensation plan, and a 17% higher payout than any other company. It is worth your time to find out more. Make a list of all your questions. We look forward to hearing from you and answering all your questions.

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