Article Marketing Promotion Techniques – 3 Steps to Sell Your Niche With Informative Articles

The hottest rage on the Internet is Article Marketing and it’s going further these days than ever before. In fact, you might even dare say, Article Marketing is a wave whose time has come, and if you’re not in the Article Marketing Link, you’d better jump on board fast.

But how in the world would you use Article Marketing to sell product or service?

After reading up on a few quick methods to make some fast bucks on the Internet, these promotion techniques kept coming up time and time again.

1. Article Direct Domains

Nothing gets a reader to your site faster than a direct domain. Make that an article direct domain and your readers find your articles faster than you can say Jeff Herring writes articles! (Yes, of course, Jeff came up with this brilliant, mind splintering promotional method. But he won’t mind if I promote it, so long as I give him credit.) Just post your articles at Ezine Articles and redirect your Article Direct Domain that says “ArticlesbyJoe” to your expert author site on Ezine Articles. Can we say “WOW!”

2. Article Links Blog Page

This was my own idea, although I probably didn’t invent it. It’s so easy to do, I’m sure somebody figured it out before me and made it a simple process. First, again, post your articles to Ezine Articles and then go to your private, personal Article Feeds and determine your perimeters. Then copy the html from the box and go paste it into your blog in a new blog page, or a new blog post.

3. Article Widgets in the Sidebar

Article Widgets in the sidebar work really well to let your readers know from ANY page of your blog what you’ve been writing lately. In fact, if you can convince your friends to promote your widgets on their site, you might even give them the code and let them post widgets promoting your articles on their blogs. Once again, this is an Ezine Articles thingie. They made it so simple even I can do it! I just go to my Widget maker on Ezine Articles and create the proper code perimeters, then copy and paste it into my sidebars.

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