Direct Internet Network Marketing

Today’s message is on a topic I rarely see discussed online, that being how to apply direct marketing principles to your network marketing business.
To be fair, network marketing itself, does in fact follow a direct marketing model, but not in the most efficient way.
It’s understandable why, in many highly successful direct marketing businesses the phone is a key component to creating results, but you don’t see the owner of the organization on the phone themselves, rather they hire a phone room to do the dirty work.When done properly it can be highly effective, but when done improperly it can alienate your customers and give them a bad impression of you and your business.
Just yesterday, which was Sunday, I was riding along in the car with a friend when my phone rang. It turned out to be a telemarketer who had pulled my name from the list of customers of someone I had purchased an information product from trying to solicit a seminar sale.I was wholly closed to this because it was Sunday and I have better things to do than be sold a ticket to a seminar that I had no interest in.
The phone is a very sensitive media and this should be understood. Now, instead of looking favorably upon the person I had purchased from I will forever hold a negative vision of them because of this call.
So that’s how telemarketing can be done wrong.In network marketing you’re taught to do 3 way calls which can be effective, but understand when you’re taught to do this without first being taught how to generate your leads first you’re basically being reduced to a telemarketer.Understand that the phone if you so choose to use it in your business is only one piece of the puzzle and all pieces must be present for optimum success.
It starts with lead generations. Where are you going to find your prospective recruits? Online there are several different ways to do this.
Next comes qualifying them. How are you going to get them to raise their hand and show you that they are interested in what you have? Are you going to use a lead capture page or something else to have your leads qualify themselves?Next comes communication with your leads. How are you going to constantly communicate with your leads so that a trusting relationship is built? Are you going to use email, teleseminars, personal phone follow up, or are you going to do them all.Finally we come to the offer. What are you going to offer your prospects that they want and how are you going to have them take action to get it? Will it be a sales page that you use, direct mail?
In all this you have to understand that all parts of the system must be congruent with each other. You can’t get traffic from people interested in health and sell them personal development. It won’t work optimally.Further you can’t have your leads opt into a lead capture page for one thing and then in your email follow up talk about something completely different.
It’s all got to fit together.And you’ve got to offer your prospects what they want. So you have to know what they want. You can’t guess at this, because you don’t know until you ask them.
It’s like the game show “Family Feud” you don’t get points for giving the BEST answer you win by giving the answer that most people polled said.
It’s not about you, it’s about them.All these things must be in harmony for you to leverage a direct marketing approach to network marketing most effectively, it’s not just getting some leads from a leads company and calling them.
If you just do this you’ll miss out on truly leveraging what direct marketing should be for your network marketing business, especially when we talk about the internet.

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