Email Direct Marketing Tool – Your Ultimate Solution

The business environment of today is multi-channeled. In this setting, there are numerous ways to do marketing but probably, one of the most effective techniques of promoting your product or service while saving up on the cost for advertising is through the use of electronic mail. However, many businesses still find it difficult to utilize email effectively. This is because they do not have the right tools for direct email marketing.

An effective email program must be capable of producing customized email communications and transforming your normal email capabilities into a sales channel with huge yields. This can be achieved with automation.

Because of the fact that email is one of the easiest forms of communication aside from the reality that it is also one of the most popular, the inboxes of individuals are continuously flooded with emails, many of which are junk. This is why it is vital that your emails stand out from the rest. Otherwise, you might find that your customer will not even bother opening your email. An email direct marketing tool will help you in delivering effective and well-targeted messages.

Here are some of the advantages of an email direct marketing tool which makes it an essential part of your overall marketing strategy:

-You will get to create effective and persuasive emails with opt-out systems, well-targeted content, and the functionality of sales lead tracking.

-You will enjoy the on-demand delivery feature which ensures that regardless of the size of your email campaign, your emails would be delivered on a timely basis.

-You can control how your emails will be sent, such as a one-time email to be sent to an entire mailing list or individual messages to be sent to certain subscribers.

-You will enjoy the benefit of performance analytics as this tool is capable of analyzing the effectiveness of a campaign and evaluate its performance. This lets you come across important movements and trends.

- You will be able to set up messages for certain purposes that can be sent automatically with an auto-responder program. For example, you can arrange for your auto-responder that every seven days, it will send to all subscribers the next newsletter issue.

- You can get to request for feedback from your subscribers with a feedback management functionality included in this marketing tool. Thus, you will be able to provide better experience for your subscribers through the informative subscriber response.

Here are the different kinds of tools for direct email marketing and their corresponding features:

1.) Paid recipient programs with the direct email list rental feature

- These are list rental services wherein a small amount is exchanged for the responses of the members of a mailing list.
- These are programs that would award points to list members if they visit the websites of the advertisers. The amount of payment is based on either the cost per acquisition, cost per click, or sharing of revenue.
- These programs pay list members who have consented to receive emails and be directed to the website of the company by clicking on the link included in the email.

2.) Direct email broadcast services

- allow you to rent opt-in electronic mailing lists
- allow you to send one-time messages to specific mailing lists

3.) Direct email list management services

- include banner advertisements
- include search engine management functionality
- provide performance analysis
- allow you to effectively manage replies and target your emails
- assist in user profile building
- allow you to send bulk emails
- allow you to manage your email lists according to certain categories and import/export lists
- provide scheduler and auto-responder features
- allow customization of mailing lists
- allow automatic follow up and removal
- allow you to archive messages

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