Top 5 Postcard Marketing Mistakes

Postcards are an extremely useful marketing tool for just about every business. However, many businesses are under utilizing their marketing campaigns due to a few highly involved marketing mistakes. This can be a costly error as all of the money that they have poured into their postcard campaign is not only being under utilized, but they are also not getting the results that they could see if they optimized their full campaign.

Below are five of the top postcard design mistakes that just about all businesses should be aware of before they get started.

Layout – Is your layout clean, simple and to the point? Many times businesses are so over their heads in the deals and special promotions that they want to offer that they forget about what is most appealing to the eye. This is very important in recognizing and you must be aware that your clients should get all of your information within 3 seconds.

Colors – Many times businesses go over board on their color scheme in an attempt to better get eyeballs to their marketing collateral. This not only causes confusion with brand identity but also make the postcard a bit too confusing for their prospect to follow. So be sure that all of the colors you use are within

Die cut – Think outside the proverbial box (or postcard rectangle) and go for something that will stick out. Create a postcard that will entice your read to look at your information and become interested enough to read what you have to say. The best way to get this attention right off the bat is to create a postcard shape that will stick out.

Paper Type – Many times businesses will go with the cheapest printer and as a result get cheap results. This is perhaps the most costly mistake as this postcard is reflective of both your business and the services you provide. As a result, opt for a more high-end printer that can provide the type of postcard quality that your business provides.

Copy – Most copy on postcards does not have a specific and clear call to action. It will simply state the information about an event, cause or sales and will not have a definitive call to action at the end. This is a huge mistake for just about all businesses. Customers need to know what they are supposed to do with the information they just learned. As a result, think of phrasing that is action oriented and tell them to either call, visit, email, or tweet.

This list is somewhat short when it comes to the large list of potential mistakes that all businesses could do. As a result, do a little reach on your competitors and see what they’re doing. Take what you like, and play off the ideas that they fall short on. This will not only enhance your campaign, but also provide a learning experience for your postcard marketing.

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